3P Rocket League plays ESL Benelux qualifiers

Sep 01, 2017 by Daan Kamphuis in Rocket League

We are proud that both of our Rocket League rosters will be competing in the ESL Benelux nationals this month,
Tonight the Academy lineup will be competing against the strongest Rocket League teams within the Benelux.
Later this week the Main lineup for Rocket League will also be playing the Qualifier so keep an eye out on twitch for the live games!

3P main roster consists of the following players

 Darnell ‘’Darnell560’’ van Leijden

 Vincent ‘’Vinto’’ de Vries

 Rémy ‘’RJW’’ de Bruijn

 Milo ''MT'' Troch (sub)

3P Academy roster consists of the following players

Dominic ‘’Zytox’’ Beerens

Arjen ‘’Fade’’ Klamer

Marcel ‘’Mukkes’’ Zwart

ESL Benelux Nationals
We wish them good luck within the tournament and we will keep you updated on this post.
Or for more information check the 3P twitter!

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