3P.Ratje to Frag-o-Matic finals

Feb 25, 2017 by Daan Kamphuis in Hearthstone

He has done it! Ratje2000 won his first big offline LAN tournament at Frag-O-Matic in Belgium.

After his win on Sjoesie in the upper bracket final, Sjoesie won against Archenemy to secure his spot in the grand final.
So that meant that Ratje had to face him again only this time in a series of 2 best of fives.
Ratje did have an advantage since he already won the upper bracket final which meant for him that he only needed to win 1 best of five.

Ratje won the first game with his Midrange Jade Shaman, but after that lost 1 game with his Tempo Mage and twice with his Jade Druid. This meant that the score was now tied both won 1 best of five. Ratje started the next best of five with his Midrange Jade Shaman and again it proved to be very effective against Sjoesie (who heavily favored Reno decks). The second match was Ratje's Jade Druid against Sjoesie's Dragon Priest where Ratje continued to struggle with his card draw in this deck and lost. The score was now again tied going into the third round of this best of five. Ratje decided to switch decks and his Tempo Mage was too strong for Sjoesie's Reno Mage putting Ratje back into the lead again. Now Ratje had only one deck left: the Jade Druid, which lost him 3 games already this final. He struggeled against Sjoesie's Reno Warlock, again having trouble with card draw putting it back at a tied score for the fourth time in this final.

Now was the decider: the last match-up to be played, deciding who would win first place. Sjoesie played an excellent game (including a very effective Frost Nova/Doomsayer on turn 5, followed by Emperor Thaurissan on turn 6). But in the end Ratje's Jade Army was too strong, finishing the game with an 8/8, 9/9, 10/10, 11/11 and even an Aya Blackpaw still on board. Ratje's Jade Druid deck finally made it happen after 4 loses in this final, giving Ratje the title of tournament winner. This is also Triple Play's first place on any tournament so far and we thank Ratje to accomplish this awesome milestone!! Ratje will take home € 300, a MSI R9 280X graphics card, a Asus ROG Claymore Core keyboard and a Drift Gaming Chair DR300. Also congratulations to Sjoesie for his second place, he played a very exciting, good and nerve wracking match against Ratje.

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