Triple Play Esports expands into Rainbow Six Siege!

Oct 29, 2017 by Daan Kamphuis in Rainbow Six Siege

We are proud to officially announce our new Rainbow six Siege Roster for the future!

After some great talks with Rehan ''The.Wishmaster'' Ahmed, we came to an agreement last night, and we are proud to announce that we are going to compete within the Benelux and European scene of Rainbow Six Siege.

The team formerly known as Dominance esports will be playing under the 3P flag from now on, and we are eager to guide them to their first victory for Triple Play!

The lineup consists of the following players:

 Rehan ''The.Wishmaster'' Ahmed

 Rik ''Craxan'' Kerkhoven

 Henry ''Shivalkyre'' Hong

 Tobias ''Krumeluxen'' Bäck

 Christian ''Manke'' Ovesen

 Dominic ''Soulseeker'' Ćepić

 Ben ''TheBuster'' Altira *Substitute

Statement from Rehan ''The.Wishmaster'' Ahmed:

For our roster it's a strategic decision, as the vision of the team aligns really well with the vision of Triple Play. We believe that with the help and resources of our new organisation, we will be  taking our next step in the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege.
We are excited to try the new roster filled with talented and experienced players and will start our journey by preparing  for upcoming challenger and pro league.

We will keep you updated about the progress of the team through Twitter and our website so make sure to watch it closely!

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